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5th Wheels For Sale Ads

2016 Keystone Raptor 425TSPage 2$62,500Las Vegas, NV5thWH-FSNV021624DT
2016 Redwood 3901 MB 5th Wheel RVPage 2$55,000Silver Springs,Florida5th-WHEEL-FSFL092823LM
2022 Keystone Avalanche 390DS$85,000 OBOFlorida5-WFSFL081522JT
2016 Jayco Pinnacle 42'$55,000 OBOCedar Key, FL5WHFSFL042821RM
Solitude Fifth Wheel & Ford Super Duty Truck

Mount Airy, NC Mount Airy
2018 Luxe 42 Md$139,900Okeechobee, FLWHFS092820CJ
2008 Quantum, Fleetwood fifth wheel$25,000Seminole, FL5thWHFSFL091420RB
2016 Jayco Eagle 355 MBQS$37,000Murfreesboro, TN5WHFSTN081020SH
2019 Keystone Avalanche 396BH$54,000Tuscaloosa, AL5thWHFS033020JE
2018 HEARTLAND LM NEWPORT 365$85,000Boulder City NV5thWHFSNV012320MB
2008 Gooseneck Montana Mountanieer$23,500 OBOBranson,MO5WFS111116RD
2015 Torque 325 Like NewReduced : $49,000CONROE TX5WFS102516WF
2011 Open Range R398RLS$52,500 DADE CITY, FL5WFS083115ESEV
2011 Keystone Alpine$55,000 DESTIN, FL5WFS072713ASLA
2007 38`5th Wheel & 2006 Truck!$43,900 JENSEN BEACH, FL5WFS110912JFIN
2008 Luxury 40` n 2002 SilveradoBoth $49,900CROSSVILLE, TN5WFS072012ESWA
Fiberglass 2005 36` Golden Gate$65,000 DESTIN, FL5WFS082808BMIT
2005 Keystone Everest 37.5 ft.$48,000 Destin, FL5WFS092807DWEA
2005 38SKQ HR 5th wheel$59,750 Portland, OR5WFS100607STHU
2002 Dutchman Classic$17,500 WARNER ROBINS, GA5WFS090408LSHA
1997 40' TRAVEL SUPREME$30,000 Estero Florida5WFS050907BLEZ
1991, Nomad 19ft 5th WheelLangly, B.C.5WFS062007RBRE
98 Teton Pasadena Prestige 36'$59,000 CASA GRANDE, AZ5WFS051808REDW
Wheelchair Accessible 2001 Harmar$24,500 GALLATIN, MOH-5WFS082207DCRI

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The 5th Wheel RV

The main feature of the 5th wheel trailer is the way it is designed to be pulled by a truck. It has a goose neck hitch in the front and fits over the bed of the truck. The truck has the hitch anchored in the bed of the truck by bolts and can be removed it necessary. Usually there are pins that you can pull to remove the hitch. The interior has steps to enter the section above the hitch area  which most designers place the bedroom. The 5th wheel trailer is very practical and has a shorter combined length including the truck and trailer than a comparable truck/travel trailer combo. Although there is more weight over the axel of the truck it is easier to haul than the travel trailer. It unit together is more stable, whereas the travel trailer requires more pulling power for the same load.


5th Wheel Trailer PROS and CONS

PROS of a 5th Wheel Trailer

  • Most livable space of any RV.
  • Most storage space of all the trailer types
  • Most optional amenities available (more money you can spend)
  • The safest of all towing systems (your using the system that the truckersuse)
  • Easiest to backup of all trailers due to the fifth wheel design (less arguing with significant other upon backing)
  • Tow vehicle can be used for running errands and local sightseeing
  • Ideal for Fulltimers
  • Toy Hauler option available (gotta have that quad)

 CONS of a 5th Wheel Trailer

  • Requires a truck with a 5th wheel hitch assembly installed
  • The larger the trailer the larger the truck needed to tow it
  • Due to the higher profile, low branches and low bridges are a concern
  • Can be hard to maneuver in tight spaces.
  • Requires a large storage area when not camping

    The fifth wheel type of trailer…

    has been used in the trucking industry for almost 100 years because it is a safe way of carrying heavy loads. It’s safe because the hitch configuration allows the trailer to be attached over the truck’s rear wheels, and typically up to 20 percent of its hitch weight to be exerted on the front suspension of the towing vehicle. Because of its forgiving nature to road and driving conditions, commercial truckers use the fifth wheel hitch configuration to carry extremely heavy loads. A fifth wheel trailer will stick to the tow vehicle through thick and thin. In many adverse handling situations, a fifth wheel trailer will actually enhance the ability of the tow vehicle to stick to the road. Whether in tractor-trailer rigs or in travel trailers, the fifth wheel configuration is popular because of its safety and handling capabilities.

    Fifth Wheels are the most popular form of towable campers and are very easy to tow. However, they are expensive, starting at around at $26,000 – $30,000. In fact, just like any other recreational vehicles, a fifth wheel trailer has its own set of pros and cons. And its major advantage is that fifth wheels are very easy to tow due to the gooseneck hitch. Moreover, this hitch provides better center of gravity and stability to such recreational vehicles.

    Fifth wheels are also spacious and roomy inside. The interior of these towable campers has lots of room, providing enough space for everyone if the weather is inclement. Since fifth wheels are towable campers, you can detach them at your destination and use the towing vehicle for trips and excursions around the RV campground.

    As already mentioned, one of the major disadvantages of fifth wheels are their costs. They are the most expensive towable campers, which make such recreational vehicles hardly affordable for entry level RVers. However, you may consider buying a used fifth wheel, as they will be cheaper than a new travel trailer.

    The cost mentioned earlier in the post is just the price of the fifth wheel; you need to add the price of the towing vehicle as well if you don’t own one. These travel trailers require towing vehicles for housing the gooseneck hitch. And you need a heavy-duty truck, as most of the fifth wheel trailers are heavy. However, manufacturers are now offering lightweight fifth wheels, which can be towed by smaller trucks.

    Such travel trailers come with bi-level design and have interior steps leading to master bedroom, which generally sits over the towing vehicle’s bed. Some people do not like such interior design and steps. If they are a problem for you too, you may consider buying a motorized RV rather than opting for a fifth wheel.

    There are mainly two types of recreational vehicles – motorized RVs and towable RVs. The motorized recreational vehicles are ass A, Class B, and Class C motorhomes, whereas fifth wheels fall under the category of towable campers. In fact, fifth wheel trailers are most popular towable campers and are most easy to tow. Such travel trailers have various distinguishing features including its hitch and the way it hooks up to the towing vehicle. These recreational vehicles come with a gooseneck hitch, hooking into the bed of the towing vehicle; thus, providing better stability. And it is due to this better center of gravity that fifth wheels do not have the problem of swaying back and forth while towing. However, you need a heavier duty truck to tow a fifth wheel.

    Apart from being stable, fifth wheel trailers are one of the most luxurious towable campers. All these factors combined make fifth wheels the most expensive campers. These recreational vehicles also include an array of features, including:

    Crown molding

    Full size appliances

    Slideout kitchen pantry

    Surround sound entertainment systems

    Solid wood cabinetry in woods such as maple

    Electric fireplace

    Full sized shower stall with glass doors

    Bay window

    King sized bed in the master bedroom

    Outside cooking grill

    Solid surface countertops

    DVD player

    Large LCD TV’s on a swivel base for multiple viewing areas


    Leather recliners

    Built in safe

    Central Vac

    Satellite radio

    Computer work station with data port hookups


    Fifth wheel travel trailers come in various lengths and size, ranging from 22 feet and to 40 feet. The 32, 34, and the 36 foot 5th wheels are most popular sizes and almost such recreational vehicles offer optional floor plans. Slideouts are quite popular among RVers and are mostly used in dining and living room area. Some also used in the master bedroom. Some fifth wheels also come with multiple slideouts; however, the add weight to your travel trailer.