Campground Memberships For Sale In Mississippi

Campground Memberships allow you to travel through out a system of campgrounds through out the USA

Below are the listings for Mississippi

Campground Membership for Sale Mississippi and more !

$2750. plus $250. Transfer Fee

AARVP Membership with Hidden Springs as home park. If you desire there are two other choices of a home park available, Cathedral Palms, CA, or Tomorrow’s Stars, Ohio. With the membership you will be allowed to use your home park as often as you like for 14 days on, 7 days off at $5.00 per night. If you prefer a longer stay, you can pay for the out week and stay as long as you like. Your children can use home park on their own. Each child can use it 4 times a year for 7 days each visit. They will be charged $15. per night. Yearly maintenance fee is $397., billed quarterly, $99.25.

With membership you receive usage of RV Club system, offering discounts in over 200 parks.

In addition you can join RPI, Resort Park International with access to 650 parks 3500 condominiums.

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Contact: 770-649-9537