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Most of the lots  listed are privately owned. Privately owned lots are generally lushly landscaped and better than your typical rental lot. They tend to be in the better resorts and on the higher end of the spectrum.We also list lots in rental parks that meet our requirements for quality and customer service. Many RVers return to the same place over and over, once they find a lot they enjoy. All Ads by-owner are only $29 per year.

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Why Rent a private RV lot?

RV lots for rent from individual owner’s are found in some of the nicest RV Resorts in the country. Many times the resort is sold out so the only way to stay is through a private rental. Most of the resorts offer scheduled activities and links or discounts to golf courses, restaurants and other amenities. RV Property affords the opportunity for individual lot owners to advertise their lot on the web for a low annual fee. A bargain you won’t find anywhere. World-wide potential for a low cost.

The ads found here are primarily by private owners. Park managers and real estate professionals can advertise here too.

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