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RV Property is the  premier website established in 1999 and is ranked high if not number one on most search engines.Your ad is running 24/7 and gives your ad access to the world wide web. What would it cost you to advertise across the world? You get more for your money than advertising in newspapers and magazines. We do not charge by the word (you get up to 250 words in the ad) and your potential renter or buyer can see pictures of your property.  It is only $34 for the basic ad. Most ads expire after one year. You can submit as many as 7 pictures on one form for only $5 each.   Images help sell! Remember to add images to your ad.

Please read the rules for ad placement below the chart is the number one ranked website in the USA for RV Sites for rent or for sale!

Also we are ranked number One for Special Needs RV’s For Sale


Our Rates Explained

It is our intention to make advertising  a simple process and we have come up with a good plan. The rates are very reasonable. There are three basic plans, Single-unit plan, Multi-unit plan and Featured Properties plan along with home page and state page banner ads.

SINGLE UNIT ADS (By individual) (non-commercial) – For Sale By-Owner Ads or For Rent By-Owner Ads are only $34, for a year

FEATURED ADS- A featured ad will remain on the TOP of the page for a full year giving your ad priority! Cost is $100.00 for the year! A Great Value !

COMMERCIAL AD- Commercial in nature – An ad with more than one unit by individual or by Company is a Commercial Ads and is only $64 for per year.  All ad are classified as a “Commercial Ad” when advertising more than one unit per ad or placed by a Commercial Establishment.

CAMPGROUND FOR SALE ADS –An ad placed by an individual or agent for a campground for sale is only $64 for per year.

RV FOR SALE AD:– An ad for a special needs RV or any type of RV will run for 12 months and is only $34.00 for the year

BANNER ADS – You can supply a “banner ad” 800X150 pixels or we can design one for you. On the Home Page your banner is placed on the HOME PAGE  of the site giving you 40,000 look per day !  This shows your property as the first thing visitors to the website see.     Email  for information on any banner ad. With the amount of traffic we generate a banner ad for you’re property is an inexpensive and effective way to get to the consumer who is searching for an RV



Pictures, Logo , Hot Links or a Google Map – on any ad are only $5 each. Multiple Images and links improve your responses.A link may NOT point to images unless you have purchased 7 images. The Google map will display. your exact location!

MAKING CHANGES TO AN EXISTING AD – Free for first 30 days. After the first 30 days changes to the contact information or price will incur a charge of $10.00 . To change more than the price or contact information it will be necessary to replace the ad with a new ad.

RENEWAL AD – When your  ad expires you will be notified.


FOR SALE BY-OWNER AD –  RV Lots, Park Models, Campground Memberships, RV Stuff, RV’s and Campgrounds For Sale. Up to 250 words, regular font, e-mail and phone number. First line of text is set with special text properties, bold, larger point size, color and special fonts for lead line. Pictures, Logo’s ,Hotlinks and or a Google Map are $5 each. See “Enhancements” below. FOR RENT BY-OWNER AD – Up to 150 words, regular font, e-mail and phone number.First line of text is set with special text properties, bold, larger point size, color and special fonts for lead line. Pictures, Logo’s and Hotlinks are $5 each. See “Enhancements” below COMMERCIAL AD – Any ad with “Two or More Units” in considered Commercial and any Commercial Establishment. Up to 250 words, regular font, e-mail and phone number. We design the ad. First line of text is set with special text properties, bold, larger point size, color and special fonts for lead line. Background color. Renewal annually. Pictures, Logo’s and Hotlinks are $5 each. See “Enhancements” below

BANNER ADS ON STATE PAGES- The banner size is 800X150 pixels. You may design the banner and send it to me via email or I will design the banner.

HOME PAGE BANNER ADS –  This page is the Home page and opens when someone opens  and will give immediate exposure for your property. The Banner will link to your website. LEAD PAGE BANNER ADS – Banner must be high resolution. Size – 150 X 800 pixels. This page is the lead page for each section and will give immediate exposure for your property when someone opens the section, only one click away from the Home Page. The Banner will link to your  website. RV Dealers, Park Model Dealers and Private Campgrounds are in essence a Banner Ad featured at the top of the page of the state they are listed. 

ENHANCEMENTS – $5.00 for each Enhancement. Logos, Pictures, Google maps and/or Hot-links. Add $5 each to the base price. TAKING PICTURES – Remember pictures help paint the picture of what you are selling or renting. Send good quality images .If the image fails to upload, email the image. No colages are allowed, single images only may be submitted, multiple images help paint the picture of your RV or RV site..

CHANGES TO EXISTING ADS – $10 (not renewals) – After the initial 30 days that the ad is listed there will be a $10 charge to make changes to a qualified ad. The changes are only for the price and contact information. Rewriting the ad will incur a new ad price of $29. Many ads will be removed after three years unless renewed. CLICK HERE TO MAKE CHANGES

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