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RV Property is ranked at or near the top in many categories pertaining to RV Lots, Campground Memberships and Park Models for sale. We are ranked NUMBER ONE for Special Needs RVs For Sa RV Lots For Sale ,Park Models For Sale. This ranking means that many RVers visit this site looking for RV property and they might just need an RV too. There are many, many websites that advertise RVs For Sale and RVProperty.com may not be at the top of search engines because of the competition in this category, but when it comes to Special Needs RVs For Sale  we are NUMBER ONE!

Special Needs RVs are difficult to find, especially in any certain area of the country. When someone no longer need the specially built RV any longer this is the place to advertise it for sale. When they are put up for sale there is a good chance that the RV is in good shape.We have received many testimonials about how helpful this website has been.

If you are looking for a regular RV, we might just have what you are looking for. We get ads for regular RVs because our rates are low and they stay on the website until sold. Many RVers looking for property are also in the market for a RV too. We are here to help the RV enthuses.




Road to Homer, AK 004

Motorhomes give you the convenience of always having everything available to you even while you are driving. When you have a group of people going on a trip together is it easy to “have a party” along the way. It is probably the most enjoyable to travel as a family. The kids can do their own thing with plenty of room to spare. They can even sleep in a bed…a good way to enjoy the drive. You can serve eats and drinks and converse while the driver does the driving.

One of the drawbacks when traveling in a Motorhome is when you get where you want to spend some time you will have to take the unit with you just to go to the store or some other local place. Many Motorhome enthusiast now tow a vehicle behind the unit. That way they have local transportation and don’t have to unhook all the connections to city services, like sewer, electric, cable and water.  The Motorhome seems to be the RV of choice.

There are three classes of Motorhomes; a Class A, a Class B and a Class C. The largest Motorhomes are Class A and the smallest, like a Van Camper is a Class C. Click here to see what we have for sale.


We are happy to feature Special Needs RVs for sale by owners who no longer need the RV. Most Handicapped RVs are Motorhomes, but there are 5th Wheel and Travel Trailers too.

RV Property is ranked at the top as a provider to Special Needs RVs. This is a great way to enjoy traveling and recapture your ability to enjoy the wonderful outdoors for those who have special needs. Other modes of travel do not provide as much convenience and comfort for the special attention one might have to have. When you are traveling in a recreational vehicle it is almost like being home. You can stop anytime, something you cannot do when traveling by commercial carriers. You don’t even have to go into a restaurant to have lunch. Just pull into a rest area and fix you lunch, relax and rest. A wonderful benefit is the generator on most units. You are truly independent with the generator to provide electricity when you are not hooked up to utilities. Click here to see what we have for sale.


F350 and Avion

The main feature of the 5th wheel trailer is the way it is designed to be pulled by a truck. It has a goose neck hitch in the front and fits over the bed of the truck. The truck has the hitch anchored in the bed of the truck by bolts and can be removed, if necessary. Usually there are pins that you can pull to remove the hitch.

The interior of the 5th Wheel has steps to enter the section above the hitch area, where most designers place the bedroom. The 5th wheel trailer is very practical and has a shorter combined length, including the truck and trailer, than a comparable truck/travel trailer combo. Although there is more weight over the axel of the truck it is easier to haul than the travel trailer. There is less sway and the unit together is more stable, whereas the travel trailer requires more pulling power for the same load.

One of the advantages of the 5th Wheel RV, just like the Travel Trailer, is the convenience of having your truck available to tour while you are camping in a vacation area. The fifth wheel type of trailer has been used in the trucking industry for almost 100 years, because of its forgiving nature to the road and driving conditions, commercial truckers use the fifth wheel hitch configuration to carry extremely heavy loads. It’s safe because the hitch configuration allows the trailer to be attached over the truck’s rear wheels and typically up to 20 percent of its hitch weight is exerted on the front suspension of the towing vehicle. A fifth wheel trailer will stick to the tow vehicle through thick and thin. In many adverse handling situations, a fifth wheel trailer will actually enhance the ability of the tow vehicle to stay on the road. Whether in tractor-trailer rigs or in travel trailers, the fifth wheel configuration is popular because of its safety and handling capabilities. Click here to see what we have for sale.


Creekwood Farms RV (4)

The Travel Trailer was popular back in the 50’s. It was a basic camper and was used for “camping” more than traveling and touring. The auto industry also found a need for stronger trucks and RVing took off in the 60’s and when the RV industry saw the need they developed the 5th wheel trailer.

If you are into small campers then the Travel Trailer is for you. Long trailers are more difficult to pull and turn than the 5th wheel. Small Travel Trailers are easy to maneuver and pull into a gas station or fast food stop. An individual might be inclined to have an 18’to 21′ Travel Trailer. The family would more likely want something like 24′ to 32′, but the Pack-rat would be inclined to something longer.

If it is about “how many does it sleep” you could get one with bunk beds or for those who want comfort in a smaller space you can eliminate the bunk bed configuration. A couple could be comfortable in a 24′ Travel Trailer. You can usually know how comfortable a Travel Travel is built by looking at the shower or tub. Full shower-tubs mean it is built for comfort. Click here to see what we have for sale.


The truck camper is great for traveling and keeping on the move. Once you decide to stay it can be removed from the bed of the truck and setup for camping. It is more like a motorhome in that, it is one unit, until you remove it from the truck. Some are manufactured with high quality and luxury accommodations. They are a simple shell or a fully furnished unit with generator, refrigerator, shower, hot water heater, furnace and air conditioner. The large ones are heavy and you will need a heavy duty truck to accommodate the payload. The most expensive models come with a generator and that makes it fully for boondocking.

Some truck campers are nothing more than a camper top with no amenities to speak of. They are designed for minimum comfort…a place to sleep off the ground.

The biggest problem has always been putting them on and taking them off without twisting the jacks. It is tricky and takes some experience. Truck Camper Tops are listed under Travel Trailers.

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Dear RV Property,
Your site was fantastic in response level, 21 inquiries. The RV sold on the 4th day after posting, WHAT RESULTS!!! Thank you for having such a wonderful site that allowed us to sell our RV quickly. If I am looking to purchase or sell an RV in the future I will use your site and recommend it to others.
Best Regards,

Hi, Sold RV. Many responses from your website. Thanks, Fred
Hi Warren:
Thanks so very much, I just wanted to say: Mark it sold!
We listed our Handicapped Accessible RV on August 18 and sold it August 24. We could have sold to three others for sure with more calls last night.  We had it listed on two other-sell-by-owner sites twice-to the tune of $100. plus each time-and it didn’t sell. We had so many people wanting to see our Motorhome from states all over the US. The couple we sold it to reside in Utah and was the first one to respond asking for more info and pictures. He’s making arrangements to fly in Labor Day weekend for the pick-up.
For the four of us, I can safely say THANKS for your website and your dedication to the handicapped. We could no longer use our dream. And by listing for $$$ less and their fast response, made their dream to own a handicapped Motorhome come true. It could not have been done this quickly anyplace but RV Property.
Thanks again. John and Linda C.

I received more inquiries from your Web Site than from the other 5 Services I bought an Ad from in total, Jim

Dear Webmaster,
Thanks for putting our RV ad up so fast…we already got a request for more info after only one day!!
You do a great service for families with members who have disabilities, but love to RV…!!
Ken and Tamie

Dear Warren, We are getting great responses. I think it will be sold in 30 days.  Judy

Hello, I had success in selling my RV.  Your website is great.  I had a huge response.  Thanks, Maureen

Thank you so much for listing it for us. We had another inquiry today – after we had sold it. Again, thanks Blessings, Elam and Miriam

Hi there, I am so grateful for your site and what it allowed me to do in selling my Motor Home. I received so many more e-mails than any other ad site.Thank you very much for your help. Since the Motor Home is sold, please note that it is sold on your site as I am still getting calls.I hope many more people find and use your site.  You are doing the handicapped community a great service. Thank you again, Joe