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This is the first and main reason the website was established. Private RV Lots have become the best way for Full-time RVers to enjoy living in their RV. Many Campers with RVs like the idea that they can have a place to enjoy whenever they want to get away. They can own a lot in a highly desirable vacation area and enjoy the benefits of investing in real estate. Just think, you can go whenever you want, without reservations, without packing, without the hassle of public transportation and motels. Another benefit is the possibility of renting the lot and bringing in some income to offset the cost of owning the property. Some lots are deeded and others are more of an investment in the RV resort. The deeded lot is most private and is usually found in the upscale resorts, but you might have to  pay property tax and utilities. Many parks have a covenant association and share the hook-ups, water, sewer, garbage, lawn-care and other amenities. Many lots have a utility building on the lot where you can store lots of items that otherwise would have to be towed back and forth. Your RV is less cluttered and more enjoyable.

If you thought about owning a second house, maybe owning an RV lot would be an alternative. Less worry and less stress and less expense. Just drive your RV to the lot and enjoy weekends or months. Living in two places far away from one another is not a bad idea. Retirement has its advantages and even on a modest income it can bring you a wonderful atmosphere to live in.

RV lots for sale where Park Models are allowed is another good idea because you can use it for your second home. Enjoying where you live is important for your well-being. Some of us have kids and grand-kids back “home” and don’t want to be away all of the time. You can spend half of the year at your second home or RV lot.

The grandchildren might enjoy your vacation home while you are there and come visit. We live at the beach in our RV and we have family and friends who visitor often.

If you have a favorite place that you always visit and know you will go back often, it might be wise to invest in an RV lot. The same idea that applies to condo’s applies here. The property will undoubtedly increase in value and you can rent it out while you are not using it. It could turn out to be a great place for retirement. Search RV lots for sale and enjoy an investment that will be fun and healthy.

Of course there are rules in each park and some parks are designed as “adults only” or “55 plus” and others have rules that prohibit renting your lot. Be sure you review the covenants before buying. Many parks allow you to rent or lease your RV lot. 


These lots are privately owned. When it is time to travel with your RV you will need a place to park and it might be better to deal with an individual owner rather  than a Public Campground. Many RVers return to the same place over and over, once they find a lot they enjoy. Some of the benefits are, when you want a quiet place that is not encumbered with programmed activities and tourist oriented in-and-out traffic and you are willing to stay for awhile; then this might be the best bet. Most of these lots are located largely in retirement communities, but that is not always the case. Actually you can find lots almost anywhere. Our lot was one block from the best beached in the USA and there were no campgrounds nearby, so the lot was highly desirable.

Privately owned lots are found in small parks where activity is minimal. But, if you want group involvement, look for large Corporate Parks. Usually a privately-owned RV lot is rented by the week or month because of the convenience of bookkeeping and lack of daily management. Larger Resorts offer scheduled activities and links to/or discounts to golf courses, restaurants and other amenities.

Go to the drop-down menu at the top of the page and select RV Lot For Sale or RV Lots For Rent and it will take you to a map showing which states have the ads you want to see. 

As you grow older, you’ll find the only things you regret are the things you didn’t d0. ~Zachary Scott 

RV Property webmaster used as an expert in this article


Published: 07/24/2014

The world of RV enthusiasts is seeing a swell of interest as the rising cost of hotels, resorts and airfare has some families looking for vacation alternatives. Over time the RV has become more than just a vehicle and grown into a lifestyle for a following that boasts the idiom “getting there is half the fun.”

That following has transformed the image of rickety campers parked in wooded campgrounds into something far more luxurious. The massive, sleek machines now roll into RV resorts carrying not only their drivers? bedding and belongings, but also state-of-the-art kitchen equipment and elegantly designed interiors. “The fancy resorts are upscale and include a clubhouse and a heated swimming pool, landscaping, fenced for privacy, all the amenities that you can think of,” said www.RVProperty.com webmaster Warren Gravois. RVers can buy a spot in the resort, some luxurious ones costing as much as $175,000. Other more traditional campground-style lots were built in the 1950’s, 1960’s and 1970’s in parks that lack the added pizzazz but aren’t missing charm.

Gravois said buyers can get a lot of space in those areas for as little as $20,000. He said in his experience, he’s found that most RV enthusiasts are looking for weekend getaways or prolonged summer vacations. Others are “snowbirds,” people who live in the north and travel to warmer weather for the winter months. In both cases, lot owners have the opportunity to rent out their property while they’re visiting other parts of the country. Renting out a lot is much like renting out a vacation home, something Gravois said is similar to owning an RV, but not as fun. “All the expenses will be higher and you can’t move it,” he said. “The RV and RV lot is far less expensive.” Before investing in an RV lot, he said it is important to consider the monthly or quarterly maintenance fees that often include insurance, lawn care, water and sewage, garbage pick-up, Wi-Fi and taxes. “Some states allow lot owners to have deeded lots and they pay their own property taxes. Other parks are owned by the members of the association and the taxes are based on the whole park,” he said.

Like most real estate investments, resale value for RV lots is closely tied to the housing market. Gravois said he purchased a lot in a resort that was still under construction in 1999 for $25,000 and sold it five years later for nearly triple what he paid, but warned that he?s watched others lose money when  the market turns less-favorable. “Generally it holds its own and is not a bad investment,” he said referring to the RV lots. RVs themselves, however, are more like other vehicles. They quickly lose value as they drive off the lot and tack on miles and at 8 to 10 mpg they can get pricey on longer trips. Still, after factoring in the cost of hotel rooms, airfare and dining out compared to cooking in an RV, some find the savings and the convenience make it a worthwhile investment.

With the RV all of your stuff is available all the time, no need to pack and unpack and you can spend the night on the road at rest areas or truck stops because the unit is self-contained,? Gravois said. And with all of their belongings packed safely in the cabin, RV owners can set their cruise control and see the country. Gravois said places like Destin, Fla. and the Great Smokey Mountains are always hot spots for RV enthusiasts, but insisted that anywhere can be a so called hot spot. When you are young you might want something that is family friendly and when you are retired you just want something for two people. That’s when you can enjoy life and then it does not matter what the “hot spot is, it’s all hot,” he said.

RVProperty.com lists RV lots for sale or rent across the US. Gravois said he created the website after finding a unfulfilled need about 15 years ago. He said the site has been at the top of most related search results since its inception.

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