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Own your private RV Lot. Many Campers with RVs like the idea that they can have a place to enjoy whenever they want to get away. They can own a lot in a highly desirable vacation area and enjoy the benefits of investing in real estate. Just think, you can go whenever you want, without reservations, without packing, without the hassle of public transportation and motels. All Ads by-owner are only $34 until sold or one year! RV Property is realizing over 14 million hits per month. See Here

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RV Property is a Pioneer website.

RV Property is the first website to feature private RV lots for sale by individual owners.

When my neighbors asked me to manage their RV lot for rent I told them that I too wanted to travel and could not be there to manage their lot. We were living at the resort. I looked online for a website to do this and found none. I developed www.rvproperty.com and it took off, it went right to the top of the search engines. I started the website in 1999. This is the 9th edition of the website and I might still have some corrections to make. If you find one please let me know. Send information to rvproperty@gmail.com

Full-time living or part-time vacations.

RV lots for sale where Park Models are allowed is an good idea because you can use it for your second home. Enjoying where you live is important for you well-being. Some of us have kids and grand kids back “home” and don’t want to be away all of the time. You can spend half of the year at your second home or RV lot.

The grandchildren might enjoy your vacation home while you are there and come visit. We live at the beach in our RV and we have friends and visitors often.

If you have a favorite place that you always visit and know you will go back often, it might be wise to invest in an RV lot. The same idea that applies to condo’s applies here. The property will undoubtedly increase in value and you can rent it out while you are not using it. It could turn out to be a great place for retirement. Search RV lots for sale and enjoy an investment that will be fun and healthy. Purchasing an RV Lot guarantees you a spot when you wish to travel, with the RV industry booming at this time purchasing a lot makes great financial sense.

Of course there are rules in each park and some parks are designed as “adults only” or “55 plus” and others have rules that prohibit renting your lot. Be sure you review the covenants before buying. Also look into membership parks as an alternative to owning. Many offer leasing RV lots.

Some advantages to owning a private RV lot

There are many private RV parks across the nation where an RVer can find RV lots for sale and purchase a deeded lot and enjoy their own property. The advantages are obvious. Usually these private parks are owner associated and well kept with everything taken care of with the exception of utilities. A maintenance fee of about $150 to $250 per month will cover pool, lawn, sprinkler system, garbage pick-up, city water and sewer, the finest quality amenities. Of course there are some parks that are more basic and the maintenance fee is less. Another plus might come when you do your income tax, as a second home (like a RV lot with a RV on it) offers some tax advantages. If you rent the lot you can use it as an expense.

Know what the park offers and whether the lots are individually deeded or just part of a deed. some parks have one deed for the whole property and all owners participate in the deed. There are also parks that lease lots for a period of time. Old parks are realizing the value of selling deeded lots to their members and charging a commission for renting out the lot for the owner. New ideas for selling lots are being thought of all the time.