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When an owner finds a good happy, reliable worker they don’t want them to leave and will many times give them incentives to stay. Working at a campground could be the best job you ever had. Many full-timers work for years at the same campgrounds for years. You can arrange to be off for a few months at a time. Some spend winter in the south and summer in the north.

RVers: Are you looking for work?
Owners: Are looking for workers?

This section has listings for RV workers wanting to work at campgrounds or in RV related activities.  Campground Owners are allowed to place a notice here for RVers to find work.  Send email to

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Happy RV Workers are what the campground owner wants!

Reliable workers who keep their work and present themselves responsibly will be the most happy campground workers. There is nothing like a Campground Owner waiting for a worker to arrive and the worker calls the day before to say that they will not be there. When an owner finds a good happy, reliable worker they don’t want them to leave and will many times give them incentives to stay. Working at a campground could be the best job you ever had.

Many happy campers would  like to spend time working in a campground or at a vacation resort or tourist attraction. For Full-timers it can be a way to learn about an area, interact with fellow campers, pay for your stay and enjoy your RV lifestyle.

Before you accept a job…

Go to the campground and pay the camping fee and spend a few nights to see how things look. Feel it out. Does it look organized? Have a conversation with some of the workers without expressing your intentions to work there. Most jobs of this nature are for an extended period, so you had better know that this is the job you want. If you find it to your liking, go to the manager and apply for the job in person.

Once we were on the rode and looked up the want ads online. We wanted to stay for a time in or near Yellowstone National Park. We made a phone call from about one days travel away. The manager was desperate and said, “Come on in for an interview”.  We knew he would hire us. It turned out the be a good job with top salary and benefits, like going on free tours, because we sold the tours in the office. My wife ran the grocery and reservation desk along with another two people. They were building a swimming pool and needed a fence around the pool. I helped to build the fence. My wife and I would open the store and gas pumps and propane station early in the morning. We enjoyed working at Grand Teton Park RV Resort.


Enjoy working at a campground

Being among RVers is like being on vacation all the time. I was a photographer and had a job I liked until another job opened up and my friend called to let me know. It was less pay, but the thing that peeked my interest was that the job was to become a University Photographer. I was still young and thought, “I would be among young people for years, they would never get old since the student population was always the same and they were always having fun.” I took the job because of this idea. Some jobs just are not fun. Maybe they pay more, but you have to put up with people gripping and other unpleasant tasks. I like the tourist industry! That’s why I like working with campers. Mostly they are pleasant people enjoying themselves.

I ran into RVers who were raising their children while on the road. They home schooled the children and the kids were getting an experience that other children might never get. I personally think this might not be the best thing all the time, but certainly for a couple of years it would be educational for the young ones. When I was raising my four children, I had a month vacation each year, so we would go camping and traveled to many places. I am so glad to hear my grown children tell me that was the bests thing I did for them.

So, for you retired full-timers or part-timers I recommend living in your RV for a few years or forever. I am still living in a Big Horn 5th Wheel and loving it! Stay and work at a campground and you will have stories to tell to the grandchildren when you get home. Our grandchildren would come stay with us during the summer, when we were withing striking range. We made friends who became lifetime friends and we still keep in touch. I travel back to Destin, FL to visit them almost every year and there is nothing like having friend who share their hospitality graciously with you. They want you to visit and enjoy getting together.

 Work for salary or volunteer?

You can always find a job working out of your RV. The government wants campground host to spend summers just hosting a campground and there are a few agencies who can use you.

Working with the National Park Service or the Department of Interior or the Army Corp of Engineers as a volunteer can be quite rewarding and lots of fun interacting with the visitors.

Campground RV jobs usually either pay a salary or trade off for work done. I have found the they will give you a free RV site and other complimentary benefits for about 20 hours per week work.

Working in a Campground-

The first thing we did when we went full-time was to get a job working at our favorite campground in

Carol Barringer and Mary Ellen Gravois. We worked with Carol at Grand Teton's two years earlier. We happened to see her working for the NPS in Sadona, AZ while passing through.

Carol Barringer and Mary Ellen Gravois. We worked with Carol at Grand Teton’s two years earlier. We happened to see her working for the NPS in Sadona, AZ while passing through.

Destin, Florida. We worked that for 9 months. While we were traveling we would work at campgrounds whenever we wanted to stay in one place for a period of time. Many people like the lifestyle of working and traveling. Some just want to work for a couple of months. Others like to return to the same job each camping season and spend the rest of the time back home, then return again the next year. Working at a campground can be very rewarding. Retirees don’t have the pressure of working for a living in most cases. There is always a need for volunteer Campground Host at Corp of Engineers facilities, USDA Forest Service and Public Lands across the nation and many State Parks.  The government donates a camping space for the worker and it is a voluntary position. Generally, you are the boss of the camping area and run the place for them. The best thing is it is usually in a forest or another beautiful place in the wilderness.

My brother worked as a security guard at the main lodge in Glacier National Park in Montana for a summer. It was a relatively easy job and he got a lot of hiking in and other perks like tours to remote areas of the park.

Most Campground Owners want campers to work for at least three months or longer during the peak season. They invest a lot of time training you for the job and are will to pay a good wage for a good worker. Once you get experience you become more valuable to the owner. The owner can’t afford for you to learn the job and then leave after a few weeks.

My friend, Will, worked at the same campground every summer. When he decided to retire from work-camping they tried to talk him into working one more summer. He did, for one more summer and then he sold his rig, his RV lot and went to live in a military housing community. He was retired from the Air Force, a fighter pilot in Viet Nam.

You make lots of friend while working at campgrounds. Like Carol Barringer, a fellow worker at the Grand Teton campground. A few years later we ran into her working for the Dept. of Interior while we were visiting in Sedona, AZ. You will always cherish those memories.



Park Managers and Campground Owners…

If you are the manager of a RV park and need help you are welcome to place a FREE Ad on this website. Our ranking is mediocre in this category. However we get RV enthusiasts looking for other high ranking areas on our site and they notice the RV jobs wanted list. RVers who go full-time visit this website and might be interested in working at campgrounds and other part-time jobs along the way. To place an ad in this section please send an email to  Your ad will remain until you ask us to remove it.

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