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Welcome to RV Property, the first website to feature private and developer RV Lots For Sale or Rent, Featuring some of the finest RV Resorts in the U.S.A.

Sell, Rent or Buy your RV Property Online! RV Lots and Park Models. RVs For Sale (especially Special Needs RVs) and Campgrounds For Sale and Campground Memberships For Sale, as well as RV Dealers and Campgrounds and RV Jobs. This website consists of ads from private RV enthusiasts and Commercial Dealers Businesses. Our first website was published in 1999.

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Mission Statement: RV Property Classified was designed to serve the rapidly growing RV community. We are the largest and best online presence where sellers, buyers and renters of RV lots and RV sites are connected . We hope you will find the website easy to use.

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RV Lots For Sale/RentCampers & RVs for Sale by RV Property

This is the first and main reason the website was established. Privately owned RV Lots have become the best way for Full-time RVers to enjoy living in their RV. Many Campers with RVs like the idea that they can have a place to enjoy whenever they want to get away. They can own a lot in a highly desirable vacation area and enjoy the benefits of investing in real estate. Just think, you can go whenever you want, without reservations, without packing, without the hassle of public transportation and checking into motels and you stay as long as you like. Another benefit is the possibility of renting the lot and bringing in some income to offset the cost of owning the property. Some like to leave their RV stored on the lot. It is always available at your desire. Some lots are deeded and others are more of an investment in the RV resort.  Read more and see what we have…

RVs For Sale RVs for Sale

There are many, many websites that advertise RVs For Sale and RV Property may not be too highly ranked because of the competition in this category, but when it comes to Special Needs RVs For Sale we are NUMBER ONE. RV Property has sections for Motorhomes, 5th Wheels and Travel Trailers for sale. Since my wife was in a wheelchair, as she suffered with ALS, I figured I would dedicate a section of the website to Special Needs RVs. It took off and it is the place to look for these types of RVs.

If you are looking for a regular RV, we might just have what you are looking for. We get ads for regular RVs because our rates are low and they stay on the website until sold. Many RVers looking for property are also in the market for a RV too. Read more and see what we have…

Park Model Sale/Rent

After your traveling days are over you might want to put a  Park Model on your lot. Also, the Park Model is a good choice for snowbirds. The house can be locked up when you return back home, just like the home you left back up North when you come down South for the Winter.  It’s not camping as much as living in a resort at a low cost and also a nice house to live  in. There are many park model parks in Florida, California and Arizona, for example.

Some RV enthusiasts still want a regular home and you might find a “RV Home” here. An RV home is one with RV style accommodations.  They come with a RV port and full hook-ups for storing the RV. These homes are privately owned and designed as a conventional home and are located in a neighborhood where they allow RVs. Read more and see what we have…

Campgrounds For SaleCampgrounds For Sale

Here again, RV Property is not the premier website to find campgrounds for sale. We compete for ads by offering good rates and longevity for the advertiser. People who aspire to own a campground were first outdoors-people at heart and probably cut their teeth by going camping in a RV or tent. You will find a good selection of ads for campgrounds for sale.

Owning a campground can be a good place to raise a family. It is a lot of fun and hard work too.  Read more and see what we have…


Camping Memberships For SaleCamping Memberships For Sale -DETROIT LAKES

The best way to save money while you are RVing is to get into a campground membership. The idea here is to use the membership often. All full-timers should take advantage of this plan. You can find memberships for a low price from previous owners who do not use the membership anymore. Possibly they have gotten too old to travel anymore or there was something that changed their lifestyle.  Read more and see what we have…

Miscellaneous RV Stuff For SaleMiscellaneous RV Stuff For Sale

Ads Only $10 “non-commercial”  Regular Commercial rates apply for businesses to advertise. Some of my visitors have asked if they could advertise some RV Stuff that does not fit into the sections that are listed on RV Property it was decided that a special page be introduced into the website to accommodate these items. You can advertise things like generators, bikes, motor bikes, tow bars, air conditioners, appliances, tents, RV lifts for handicapped, RV parts, cars and trucks and anything else you may want to sell for RVers. You will also find special RV apps and links to specialty items that are beneficial to RVers. It is very reasonable to advertise these items and the ad stays on the website until sold. Read more and see what we have…

That was the best $45 we’ve spent lately. The ad no sooner was listed and we had a buyer! Thank you so much.  It was literally a matter of minutes!  Marian
A complimentary note from Sandy… I found this website this morning by mistake…. What a WONDERFUL FIND! After going through it I just wanted to say thank-you for making my DAY! I have sent it to several other people already and plan on sending it to lots of others! This is a great website! SandyP
I want to thank you for featuring one of my web sites on your opening page for the sale of RV lots. www.rv-realestate.com has been very successful and is enjoying more and more traffic as time goes by.  We see a few referrals from you on most days. I use Urchin to provide operating feed back  and “stats”, so we have no unresolved referrals and you are clearly there ….  Best of luck, John

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RV Property is a premier website established in 1999 and is ranked high if not number one on most search engines.Your ad is running 24/7 and gives your ad access to the world wide web. What would it cost you to advertise across the world? You get more for your money than advertising in newspapers and magazines. We do not charge by the word (you get up to 200 words in the ad) and your potential renter or buyer can see pictures of your property.  It is only $29 for the basic ad. You can submit as many as 5 pictures on one form for only $5 each. You can add more pictures by sending them as an attachment to an email and I will bill you separately. The display is large and the pictures are large.

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